Dreaming Out Loud


My husband has a hard time initiating speech after his brain injury. He will answer questions but doesn’t start conversations on his own. But sometimes, he talks in his sleep and in that semi-conscious state, his voice comes out loud and resonant, like it was pre-brain injury. “You are going to lose,” he said last night, in a deep, commanding voice that woke me. I felt a flutter of happiness thinking his vocal chords do still work and he is able to speak without halting or having his voice trail off at the end. “Wait and see,” he continued, “it’s not going to work and you are going to lose.” I wondered if he was dreaming about an old court case from his lawyer days or if he was talking about baseball. He said more things in that loud and confident voice and I thought about the recorder I keep near the bed but I couldn’t find it in the dark and figured it was out of batteries anyway. I need to write this down, I should keep a pen and paper next to the bed so I can jot this down before I forget, I thought, as I drifted off to sleep again.



2 thoughts on “Dreaming Out Loud

  1. Hi Cynthia. This is so fascinating. Do the Doctors have any explanation for this? My brother in Law who had brain tumors used to talk endlessly in his sleep. Mostly like a stand up comedienne. He had an amazing sense of humor and somehow it got triggered in his dreams. My sister could also carry on a conversation with him while he was cracking jokes. Luv, Loren

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