An Overflowing Tree of Life


The past two weeks have been as colorful and full as the Arbol de la vida (artesenias) by Oscar Soteno Elias that I saw at the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City.


It began when both boys came home for the holidays, filling our house with cheer as luggage, presents and books covered every surface in the living room. The washing machine was on constant hum and the dishwasher was filled and refilled several times a day. Then there were visits with their friends, our friends and dinners out and dinners at our house and our neighbor’s house. Then a visit to the beach near Santa Cruz with my extended family, connecting and reconnecting with siblings, nieces, nephews, new babies, and new additions to the family. I had dozens of interactions where a year’s worth of conversation and reflection were condensed into two days. There were copious meals, drinks, sweets and board games. We drove to Folsom, near Sacramento, to connect with my husband’s family for more good food, reminiscing, board games and laughter.


Then back to Los Angeles for a day before I went to Mexico City with friends and my son and niece for the New Year, a brief respite from caregiving. We were treated to the most generous Mexican hospitality while we visited Cholula and Puebla, bought colorful talavera dishes, admired the holiday lights in the Zocalo, climbed pyramids and toured museums. On New Year’s Eve, we rang in the school year by eating twelve grapes for good luck in the new year. I made twelve wishes for all my loved ones: my husband and sons, my niece and my wonderful traveling companions, hoping for good health, prosperity and love for all in the new year. May 2016 be as rich, abundant and overflowing as the Tree of Life.


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  1. Cynthia, wishing you a healthy, prosperous and happy nEw year! I hope your caregiving duties are manageable and don’t get too burdensome!

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