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My husband and I are in Mammoth for the long weekend. I was hoping it would snow so we could hole up in the condo next to a crackling fire. But the weather has been sunny and warm, in the 50’s, which made the late Friday night drive easy and clear of ice. I know I should get us outside and moving around but the condo is very comfortable.

I brought pieces of writing to work on. I brought magazines to catch up on my reading and several books. I bought more at the local bookstore yesterday. I brought my box of Blue Apron food and recipes that I didn’t have time or energy to cook during the week. I am perfectly content to sit inside today, reading and writing, while my husband watches TV. But every time I check my phone, the message on my screen says, “Be more active!”

“I know, I know,” I want to tell my phone. In the summer, my husband and I walk to the lookout point on the paved paths or visit one of the many lakes in the basin with his walker or wheelchair. Or on really warm days, we swim in the pool and get in our exercise. But in the winter, our walking paths are covered in snow and ice and the road to the lakes is closed. There are few places where we can go with his walker or wheelchair.

“You have not reached your daily goal,” says my phone as I sit down on the recliner, iPad in hand. All week I have been running from meeting to meeting, my senses assaulted by an overflow of information from phone calls, emails, voicemails and texts. I need this time to unwind, to not have to respond to any demands. I need this time to sit and do nothing.

We stay inside all day, warm and snug, looking out the window every now and then at the Sherwin mountains.

Where is the app that tells you, “Sit down, relax, finish that book and watch mindless TV?” And then a few hours later, it would say, “Congratulations! You reached your goal!”



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  1. Excellent piece! We love Mammoth too! So glad you are spending time relaxing. I realized today after walking at the irvine spectrum with karen, she too needs her wheelchair when we go places. She tires so easily. Hope you both enjoy the beautiful views of mammoth.

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