My Vision of Hell



I’m packing for a trip to New York to see my son Zack then on to Washington DC for an education conference. It’s not the myriad details that need attending before I leave — arranging for the caregiver, planning out meals and stocking the refrigerator with enough food for a week — that leaves me in a tizzy.

It’s deciding what books to pack.

My vision of hell is being stuck somewhere, anywhere, without a book to read. So I cull through my piles of books and journals – one book? Two books? My Kindle as a backup?

My carry-on bag is already stuffed with sweaters, scarves and rain gear for the cold weather back east. I have a satchel full of work papers to read on the plane. And I know I won’t be able to resist picking up a few more books at the Strand in New York.

But still, I look at the books I’ve selected and wonder, will I get bored with them? Should I bring other ones? Who knows what I will be in the mood to read? It’s the dilemma of book lovers all over the world.


4 thoughts on “My Vision of Hell

  1. I completely relate…. my carry on is always brimming with extra books, magazines, etc that I’ve been dying to read. enjoy the free time on the plane.

  2. Cynthia: enjoy and many of us share the same QuanDry! Hence is why i love my ipad and kindle oh and a few books to take too! Love your post!!!!

    Hugs susan

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