To Infinity and Beyond



Zack and I took in the show, –Unfinished: Thoughts Left Visible, at the Met Breuer last month. I was drawn to this painting by Roman Opalka, a Polish artist who began the count to infinity to convey the continuum of time. He painted 233 canvases in all, before his death in 2011, with white on a dark background. As he progressed, the background colors on the canvases got lighter but the numbers were still painted in white.

It wasn’t until I got closer that I saw the beauty in the numbers. He refilled the brush when he ran out of paint so the numbers undulate from bright white to pale gray but each number is uniform and disciplined.


If I were to create a painting of what brain injury and caregiving was like, it would be this one: monochromatic, gray and never ending. But up close, it’s filled with details – some bright, some pale, sometimes beautiful and sometimes plain. It’s filled with light and dark, ebbing and flowing in a continuum of time.



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