Come Out Swinging



We have added boxing to our exercise regime and although I have never been a fighter, I find it exhilarating hitting Coach D’s boxing mitts. BAM! for the 40 crunches he makes us do. BAM! for the two minute planks. Coach D dances around, making us get in the proper position. “Protect your face!” he yells. I pull the gloves up to the side of my face. “One foot forward – be on the defensive!”  I lean forward and pivot my weight, rocking back and forth. “One, two, one two!” he sings and I punch as hard as I can. “That’s it,” he laughs, “harder!” We switch to upper cuts and then speed bag. POW, POW, POW … I can feel the tension from work and from caregiving being released in those punches.

And that boxing lesson, like all the others we have received from Coach D. so far, provides that universal approach to life we should all have. “You’ve got to be ready,” says Coach D. “You can’t be passive and just let things happen to you.”

I think of how we all face the challenges that confront us each day – whether it is brain injury or caregiving or just everyday life. How well equipped are we to do deal with them? How should we approach them?

Protect your face.

Get in the ready position.

And come out swinging.


5 thoughts on “Come Out Swinging

  1. Yikes! Need to take this to Heart. Was in Nice last weekend, and saw the devastation trail. Anything can happen at any time.

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