A Little Bit of Something


We have been exercising for over six months now and the recent rains have altered our routine. At the first sign of rain, there are exchanges of texts with Coach D. “Are we working out tonight?”

The answer from Coach D is always, “Yes, a little bit of something is better than nothing.”

I rearranged the clutter in the garage and cleared out enough space to lay out mats so we could do our crunches and plank. The sit-up chair and benches for weights get set up on the patio, even when there is a light mist. We don’t do agilities on the lawn when the grass is wet so we do more jumping jacks and more sets with the jump rope. And at the end of an hour, we have worked up a sweat and I feel better for having exercised, even though it is in a smaller space.

I think about our persistence when I am barraged by all the “alternative facts” spewed by Trump administration. I struggle to adapt to this new reality and at time it feels hopeless. What can we do with a Republican Congress and Senate? What hope is there to overturn the decisions that are made every day that defy rational thought?

I forward the Indivisible guide to friends who haven’t heard of it yet and wonder what they can do. I write post cards to Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski to thank them for not voting for Betsy DeVos.  I write to Elizabeth Warren to thank her for not backing down. I write to our senators in California to keep up the pressure. I write to Ted Lieu to thank him for speaking up.

It feels pithy and insignificant but still, I have to believe that a little bit of something is better than nothing.


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