Hanging Up the Tools of the Trade

June 30 was my last day at LAUSD and I turned in all my devices – laptop, docking station, portable hard drives, iPhone and badge. It was a bittersweet feeling – happiness at no longer being tethered to the District 24/7 but sadness at leaving longstanding relationships with colleagues and staff. All month, there were dinners and lunches and tributes and “last” everythings – meetings, data requests, data use agreements, walks to the Central Library. On June 30, there was still so much to do and transition but we ended the day with a bang: a lovely reception organized by my wonderful staff. It was everything I had envisioned as an appropriate send-off and more – cupcakes, a chocolate bar, a photo booth, lots of food and mingling and hugging and laughter and tears. I came home with my car filled with balloons, flowers, gifts and a box of well wishes and my heart filled with love.


I woke on Saturday feeling happy and can’t wipe the smile from my face. My mind races with the thought of new activities – writing, movies during the day, walks in the neighborhood, cooking and learning to play piano. My LAUSD access is turned off and there’s no need to check email every five minutes. I can put away my travel coffee mug and my lunch bag. My stack of unread books awaits, the cluttered drawers and closets await, my whole new life awaits.

It’s time for the new chapter…


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