Getting REAL with Diane McDaniel

I was introduced to Diane McDaniel at the Women’s March in Los Angeles and was fascinated by her podcast about how people face transformative experiences in their lives. I was flattered when she called a few days later, asking if I would be willing to share my experience. She sent me a list of questions the day before and I was impressed by their depth and insight. They made me think and reflect and ponder the meaning of life after a transformative experience. When we recorded the podcast, it was like chatting with an old friend and the words just flowed as we laughed and giggled.

She asked for photos of the family before and after my husband’s brain injury and I had to dig through our files to find before pictures. The picture in this post was taken a week before my husband’s cardiac arrest in 2003. We look so innocent and blissfully happy, not knowing that all our lives would be turned upside down in a matter of days.

Diane has been posting photos on Facebook and social media to promote the podcast. You can listen to “A Sorrow That’s Always There” with the links below.

Or better yet, subscribe to all of her podcasts and listen to more amazing stories of lives transformed.

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