A Heartfelt Thank You

Two hours before my book launch/publication party at Diesel Bookstore in Brentwood, I was nervous and pacing the living room. My book is out there in the world and everyone can read my innermost thoughts and struggles. What if no one shows up for the reading? What if I’m just reading to the toddlers on the mechanical pony rides in the courtyard? Did I select the right passage? What if I choke up while reading my passage? What if nobody buys books?

But as the 3:00 hour approached, the patio outside the bookstore began to fill with familiar faces. Friends from work, my writing circles, college and throughout my life began to appear. There were people who had read about the book from the article in the local paper. It was cheerful and festive greeting everyone. As I began speaking, my nervousness faded. I was looking at a sea of smiling faces and I realized how grateful I was for this community of full of love and support.

Thank you to everyone who came out on Sunday afternoon for the book launch. And a very heartfelt thank you to Diesel bookstore for being such a great resource and support for the writing community in Los Angeles.

P.S. For those of you who have read the book, please consider leaving a review on Amazon.com.


4 thoughts on “A Heartfelt Thank You

  1. So proud of you Cyn (I can’t get the caps lock off!), it is a beautifully written book and I know perry would be so proud of you too! big hugs, Kathy F.

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