A Lone Starfish in a Sea of Uncertainty


I encountered this lovely starfish on one of my walks at the beach back in early February. It was low tide when took this picture, but the surf line was still a good ten or fifteen yards away from this pool of water. I feared for the starfish and its chances of survival. What if the water evaporated before the tide could reach it?

I feel like that starfish right now in this time of chaos and pandemic – safe so far in my little pool of water. My local grocery store was well stocked yesterday so I have plenty of food. I have lots of projects at home to keep my mind stimulated and did a yoga session via Facetime.

But who knows if there is a tide that will come and save us all or if that pool of water will become smaller and smaller and then ….?

It’s hard to not think about the dire predictions we see everyday on the news. For now, I try to stay positive and upbeat. I’m pretty sure that starfish ended up being okay.

Stay safe and healthy, everyone.



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