Books Between Sessions

It’s been nearly a year since everything shut down due to the pandemic. I, like everyone else, have turned inward: no more dining out in restaurants, browsing bookstores, shopping for clothes or traveling. Most of my activities are on Zoom: my weekly writing class, yoga twice a week, workout three days a week, monthly writer’s and book groups. Most of my connections to friends and family have been online.

It was a pleasant surprise to receive an email from Robin Tamanaha, a therapist that loves books and produces her own podcast, Books Between Sessions. She was doing a search on Google about caregiving and came across my book. She invited me to be a guest on her show and the interview felt like a chat with an old friend. She was welcoming, empathetic and put me at ease immediately.

I love these unexpected gifts during a time of social isolation. Even in this muddled world of COVID, connections can still be made.

I hope you will take a listen.

Here is the link to the episode: YouTube:


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