Connecting Two Worlds

When I was working full-time at the school district and caring for my husband, it seemed like I was living in two different worlds. Work was an alternative reality to dealing with the uncertainty of brain injury. It provided order and rationality compared to the chaos of caregiving. The two worlds were distinct and separate.

I retired almost four years ago but was delighted to be a guest on Tech & Learning Honor Role podcast. Frances Gipson’s and Kecia Ray’s questions artfully combined my experiences from both worlds: working as a leader in the Los Angeles Unified School District and my journey through spousal care with my husband’s brain injury.

I was honored to be considered a “fierce and formidable woman in education.”

Here is the link to the episode:


4 thoughts on “Connecting Two Worlds

  1. Wonderful Podcast! Anxiously waitiNg fOr Your next book on The lim family. I think Our greaT grandfatHers were brothers.

  2. Cynthia, thank you for sharing this podcast with us! your words, both in your beautiful memoir and in this interview, are powerful. i loved hearing about the advice from your maternal grandmother regarding your decision to stay home with your sons when they were very young. And your wise words about self-care, about women learning to not feel guilty about needing a break and then taking that break – i think that’s something so many of us struggle with.
    And as a side note – so cool to learn about your boxing skills!
    Take care, Wendy

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